Once Called

Have you ever known that God called you to do something but for one reason or another you were not going after it with full confidence and dedication? 

Is it possible for you to put off a calling or ignore a gift for so long that God takes it away or does not use it to the extent that He originally planned?  Does God have a “back-up plan” for what our gifts and talents will be used for if we delay in pursuing them or does He know all along when and how you will use the passions He gave you?

The Bible does say in Romans 1:21 that men who knew God but didn’t worship Him as God or give thanks to Him that God gave them over to their sinful ways and darkened hearts but what about the believers that continue to worship the Lord and yet through the struggles of living in a fallen world they have a hard time finding the strength to give the amount of energy that they desire to give to the passions that God gave them?

It seems that God can give multiple callings on people’s lives but not tell them exactly how or when they are actually going to work out.  Paul writes earlier in the same chapter that he has tried to come to Rome several times but each time he was not able to, but he continued to be obedient to the calling he had to preach the gospel of Christ just not in the place that he was wanting to.  If God has called you to do something and you struggle with doing it, but you are attending and supporting your local church, you are loving people and encouraging them, you are being a good husband or wife and trying to develope your relationship with Christ would that make you a failure or cause God to pass you up and give the calling you are struggling with to someone else?  I think that it depends on your heart attitude towards the gift itself; if you are ignoring and/or denying it, or, if you are tore up by the lack of effort you are giving and praying that God still allows you to use that gift for His glory. 

It would make perfect sense that God is not going to left His gifts go to waste and will take it away from someone who does not want to use it, but I’m not God and I know His ways and thoughts are higher than mine.   However, I remember people like Jonah who literally ran away from what he knew God asked him to do yet God pursued him and caused him to be very uncomfortable until he surrendered to be obedient.  Why didn’t God just let Jonah go and find someone else?  Perhaps it was because God knew that once Jonah got the running out of his system he would not only be obedient but also know more about himself and the God who called him.  Maybe the experience between the calling and the obedience was necessary. 

At any rate I believe that if the Lord has given you a passion or calling and you know that it is from the Lord then it’s never too late to be obedient. 


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