Being a man is one thing, being a godly man is something totally different. 

I want to give you my honest opinion about what God has taught me over the past several years about godly manhood.  Being manly can mean several different things to people; it can mean big muscles, or a big truck, or a big grill on your big deck, or a big office, or a big TV in your big man cave!  However, there are somethings that are not always thought of as manly; like empathy, compassion, humility, sacrifice, loving confrontaiton and so on.  Don’t get me wrong, I want a big truck and a big grill and a man cave someday but they cannot be how I define my masculinity. 

I believe that the truly godly men are not remembered for what they own, or drive, or wear but how they impacted the people around them whether they knew them or not.  Men whos character continues on earth long after they are in the presence of Almight God.  Accomplishments are wonderful and if you work hard for something then I believe you should get recognition for your work, but what good really are those accomplishments?  Are they accomplishments that start of your shelf, then move to the guest room, then move to the closet, then move the attic, then get sold for a nickle at a yard sale?  Or are they lasting impressions on friends, co-workers, strangers, siblings, even parents.  Are they examples of grace and forgiveness that emulated for years and years, are they lifestyles that other Christian men ask the Lord to give them.  Will your personal standards, life verses and quotes be a clear representation of how you live?  Will those things resonate in the minds and hearts of the guys you do life and ministry with or the young people who watch your life?

Are there godly men who have lots of big toys? Yes.  Is there a problem if they are only remembered for the toys they had? Yes! 

Here is the bottom line.  As men who have chosen to die to ourselves and surrender our lives, ambitions, successess, failures, hopes and dreams to Christ we should be inexplicably focused and motivated by eternity.  Everything we do must revolve around the truth of our eternal destination and the eternity of the people we come into contact with.  Colossians 3:2 gets rigth to the heart is says, “Set your mind on things above, NOT on earthly things.”  Here are some of those “above” things; truth, nobility, righteousness, love, admireable things, excellent things, praiseworthy things (Phil. 4:8).

Be a man that speaks the truth of Christ always.

Be a man that demonstrates nobility and respect.

Be a man that is righteous and pure in thought and action.

Be a man that loves the way God loves.

Be a man that admires a lasting legacy and lives to leave a great one.

Be a man that pursues excellence.

Be a man that lives each day as an act of praise and worship to your Heavenly Father.

Be a man.


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