Okay, quick thought.  I was listening to “Rebel” by Lecrae and right away he makes the statement, “Jesus was renegade”.  Sounds pretty tough right, at least I think the word renegade is cool.  Well I looked up the definition of renegade and this is what I found.  As a person, a renegade is someone who deserts and betrays and organization, country, or set of principles.  One synonym for renegade is TRAITOR.  This is my favorite part; renegade as an adjective is “Having TREACHEROUSLY changed allegiances.”  Jesus treacherously, dangerously lived in allegiance to his Father. A life that changed the world.

If we want to align ourselves with Jesus then we can’t just be proud of what he did, we have to emulate him.  Have you betrayed the mentality of the world?  Are you daily turning your eyes on Jesus and deserting the selfish principles that society so skillfully throws at your mind?

Jesus was a renegade, and his allegiance was to His Father, and his love for us was his motivation.  How treacherous is your allegiance to Jesus? 

Are you a renegade for the Lord or do you blend in?


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